Remarkable stories.

Inspiring lessons.

Enduring legacies.

Memoir Masterworks.

At Memoir Masterworks, we ghostwrite exceptional memoirs for busy people – sharing their memories and exploring their legacies through award-winning storytelling.

Working with you, we will craft a remembrance that captures your wit and wisdom. Your setbacks and celebrations. Your golden memories and love of family.

Completed, your memoir will be a success on three levels: It will tell your story with remarkable flair. It will delight and inspire your audience. And it will provide you a well-defined legacy.

Remarkable. Inspiring. Enduring.

Memoir Masterworks


Greetings, I’m Matthew Robb

Founder and head storyteller at Memoir Masterworks.

There’s no question about it: Your life has been a remarkable journey.

If you are thinking about hiring a ghostwriter to author your life story, there are many candidates to choose from. Why select us?

  • Our storytellers have a craftman’s passion for excellence
  • Our designers produce books of exceptional quality
  • We work hard to ensure that your memoir intrigues, inspires, and delights readers.

Telling great stories isn’t our mission. It’s our life’s passion. To learn more (and to obtain writing samples), contact us today.

Wishing you a beautiful journey,


Matthew M. Robb, Storyteller-in-chief 
Memoir Masterworks

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“You are a genius interviewer.”

Stacy Schiff

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Biographer and New York Times columnist

“[Matthew] has succeeded in reminding us of the power and thrill of narrative history.”

Gary Mormino

PhD, Professor Emeritus & Recipient of the Florida Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing

“Matthew Robb has that rare ability to bring his [subjects] to life, to captivate his audience, and to fire our imagination, [creating] a masterpiece of a biography.”

Woody Hanson

The Hanson Archives

“Your transformation of copy is the best I’ve ever seen. I was exclaiming “wow!” after every example.”

Emmy Award-Winning Public Relations Executive

“Not since I edited our film critic has a writer given me such a choice.”

Washington Post Editor, Style Section

“This is brilliant. I cannot express how pleased we are.”

U.S. TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Honoree

“Your stories are always about as perfect as they get. I feel lucky to publish them.”

Lifestyle Magazine Executive Editor

“This profile is brilliant, really brilliant. You made me sound a lot smarter than I really am!”

Prominent U.S. Medical Expert and Author

“Few writers possess Matthew’s skill in telling ‘more’ than just a story. His magazine features have consistently been multidimensional — stories you not only read, but read in depth: You turn off the phone, lean back, and escape.”

Magazine Publisher and Executive Editor